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Art has the power to breathe life into any living space.  Accent your home with a beautiful piece to enhance your home.


Meticulously detailed, the Botanica Collection pieces evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility. Each element in these striking ink on paper pieces have been perfectly formed and painted to not only give a feeling of depth, but an ethereal-like quality as the stones seemingly fall away from the centre piece into the abyss.

UrbanJungle_Mockup_43x53_2Paintings (1).jpg

Living Spaces

This enchanting collection draws its inspiration from relaxed scenes encountered in everyday life. Again finding beauty in the simplest of things.  Painted on wide profile box board and framed in oak, these whimsical pieces create warmth and give a relaxed feel to any interior space.

UrbanJungle_Mockup_43x53_2Paintings (1).jpg
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